The Mortgage Centre: Knowledgeable Brokers In Miramichi At Your Service

With more than 10 years’ experience under his belt, Guy Richard has the knowhow to provide you with great cost-effective and tailored mortgage solutions pertaining to:
  • Equity takeout and investment mortgages
  • New construction and renovation mortgages
  • Purchase financing
  • Refinancing and debt consolidation mortgages
  • Renewals and switches

We Aim To Get You the Best Mortgage Deal
Guy Richard understands that more lenders are now offering a wider range of mortgage options at discounted rates, making it obvious that there’s a good reason to shop around. That’s when his expertise comes into play (and in your favour!).

As a certified mortgage broker, Guy Richard can offer:
  • A range of mortgage choices (including rates and features)
  • Access to secure and established lenders (we deal with reputable and established Canadian financial institutions)
  • Fast and convenient local service
  • Independent and unbiased advice
  • The best-available rates (we know how to negotiate with lenders to ensure you’re getting the best available deal)

Unbiased and Reliable Advice with a Personal Touch
Thanks to his extensive background in the mortgage financing industry, combined with the highest level of certification as an accredited mortgage professional (AMP), Guy Richard can provide you with a mortgage solution that is tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re purchasing a new home or looking to modify your existing mortgage, Guy Richard is the skilled broker in Miramichi you’re looking for! Make an appointment today and call me at  506-836-9089!


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